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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand

RX8 Salmon and Steelhead

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RX8 Salmon and Steelhead

RX8 Salmon/Steelhead Rod Blanks

As a Pacific Northwest-based company, we are blessed with a host of Salmon and Steelhead rivers that run right through our backyard. Naturally, Jaguar Design takes full advantage of our close proximity to these demanding testing grounds.

RX8 Salmon/Steelhead blanks are manufactured using our proprietary blend of RX8 Toray and other premium graphite. Each blank is custom-tuned to precise specifications to create a strong, sensitive and lightweight rod that is perfect for pulling plugs or throwing spinners. No matter where you fish for Salmon or Steelhead, build your next uncompromising custom rod from our diverse lineup of RainShadow RX8 Salmon/Steelhead blanks.