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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Multipurpose, Regulation Trolling

From the SWB and FSU series to the RT, STUB, and ToughStick series, RainShadow offers a wide variety of rod blanks in E-Glass. RainShadow’s E-Glass models are sought after due to low-modulus ratings and strength that is unrivaled. This translates directly into negating the demands of lightness and sensitivity; its ruggedness and lifting capability will impress you. 

• E-Glass™ Material for Unrivaled Strength
• Built to Handle the Largest Fish Under the Toughest Conditions
• Perfect for Heavy Duty Fresh and Saltwater Applications
• Splendid Gloss Black Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re currently re-working our rod blueprints, for the time being please go to our Guidespacing.com site for blueprints.

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
RT6350 Gloss Black 5'3" 1 50lb. Class N/A 0.875 15.5 / 16.0* Progressive IFGA50 10.7oz. 50# regulation trolling blank *ALPS Roller Top
RT6680 Gloss Black 5'6" 1 80lb. Class N/A 0.970 18.0 / 18.0* Progressive IFGA80 15.4oz. 80# regulation trolling blank *ALPS Roller Top
RT66130 Gloss Black 5'6" 1 130lb. Class N/A 1.150 26.0 / 26.0* Progressive IFGA130 20.7oz. 130# regulation trolling blank *ALPS Roller Top