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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Spey, 4 piece

Featuring our refreshed RX8 ultra-high modulus graphite, HDSC technology, and renowned quality and craftsmanship, the Jaguar Design team has created new switch rod and spey rod blanks that will impress even the most experienced and critical fly fisherman. Our design team incorporated time proven ultra-high modulus reinforcement (UHMR), optimized resign content (ORC), and dynamic modulus positioning (DMP) for power and finesse with every cast. All of our revolutionary manufacturing, processing, and testing have resulted in our finest switch and spey blanks designs to date. 

Scandi=For use with longer head for more delicate presentations
Skagit=For use with shorter head for winter presentations

Review of IF1266-4 Fly Rod 4 Piece from SEAMfishing
“With a deep action and very fast recovery the rod blasts line out with ease. Big flies are no problem, but you might have trouble with a big piece of T14 and a super heavy fly. Keep it reasonable, and you’ll be sending 100 footers all day… In fact, I love this blank so much I bought another one and built a float rod on it.”

• RX8 Graphite Blend
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Light, Strong, and Sensitive
• Pinnacle Balance of High Modulus
• Fast and F/SC – F/SK Actions
• Innovative Design/Unbelievable Power
• Stunning Burgandy Gloss Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
IMMF1266-4 Gloss Burgundy 12'6" 4 6wt Spey Scandi 360-420 grn., Skagit 420-460 grn N/A 0.472 4.5 F/Sc N/A 4.2oz. Summer Run Steelhead/Steelhead *F/Sc=Fast Scandi
IMMF1307-4 Gloss Burgundy 13'0" 4 7wt Spey Scandi 420-480 grn., Skagit 480-520 grn. N/A 0.500 5.0 F/Sc N/A 4.3oz. Winter Steelhead/Steelhead/Smaller Salmon *F/Sc=Fast Scandi
IMMF1338-4 Gloss Burgundy 13'3" 4 8wt Spey Scandi 480-540 grn., Skagit 540-580 grn. N/A 0.485 5.5 F/Sk N/A 5.3oz. Salmon Skagit *F/Sk=Fast Skagit
IMMF1369-4 Gloss Burgundy 13'6" 4 9wt Spey Scandi 540-600 grn., Skagit 600-640 grn. N/A 0.533 5.5 F/Sk N/A 5.6oz. Salmon Skagit *F/Sk=Fast Skagit