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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Bass, Crankbait Rod Blanks

We’ve taken our highly successful RX7 lines of Crankbait and Inshore Popping blanks and revitalized them for 2017 by upgrading them into our REVELATION lineup. Featuring RX7 Toray graphite and REVELATION proprietary features that are unrivaled at this level. With revised part numbers and a new color, rest assured these blanks have the same action and power that you grew to love.

THE REVELATION lineup is tested and proven by champions, delivering professional performance matched with incredible strength and durability.


• RX7 Graphite
• Dynamic Modulus Positioning
• Innovative Resin System
• Up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than competitor models
• Fast and Extra Fast models
• Perfect for Tournament Anglers
• True Workhorse Designs
• Finest Balance of Strength, Sensitivity, and Feather Weight
• Smooth Satin Black Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warrant

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
REVCB66M Satin Black 6'6" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.385 5.0 M M 1.4oz. Small crankbaits and topwaters
REVCB66MH Satin Black 6'6" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.415 5.5 MOD-F MH 1.7oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters
REVCB70M Satin Black 7'0" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.400 4.5 M M 1.8oz. Small crankbaits and topwaters
REVCB70MH Satin Black 7'0" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.430 5.0 MOD-F MH 1.9oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters
REVCB70H Satin Black 7'0" 1 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/4oz. 0.485 6.0 MOD-F H 2.5oz. Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-Normark DT-Bandit Series 700
REVCB76M Satin Black 7'6" 1 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.410 5.0 M M 2.0oz. Small crankbaits and topwaters
REVCB76MH Satin Black 7'6" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.470 5.5 MOD-F MH 2.3oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters
REVCB76H Satin Black 7'6" 1 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/4oz. 0.495 6.0 MOD-F H 2.7oz. Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-Normark DT-Bandit Series 700
REVCB80MH Satin Black 8'0" 1 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.465 5.5 MOD-F MH 2.7oz. Large crankbaits & topwaters
REVCB80H Satin Black 8'0" 1 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/4oz. 0.500 6.0 MOD-F H 3.0oz. Large deep diving crankbaits/Norman DD22-Normark DT-Bandit Series 700