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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Bass, 2-Piece Rod Blanks

We have added 11 new exciting Revelation 2 piece spinning models for 2018 tackle year. We took some of our best-selling one piece models and made them two pieces for the traveling angler. All models incorporate our slim ferrule design which eliminates the typical flat spot created by adding a ferrule. From ultra-light – medium heavy spin models we have you covered.

RX7 Graphite
2-Piece Design
Dynamic Modulus Positioning
Innovative Resin System
Up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than competitor models
Fast and Extra Fast models
Perfect for Tournament Anglers
True Workhorse Designs
Finest Balance of Strength, Sensitivity, and Feather Weight
Smooth Satin Black Finish
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
REVS54UL-2SB Satin Black 5'4" 2 2-6lb. 1/32-3/16oz. 0.316 4.5 F UL 0.8oz. Ultra Light Trout and Panfish
REVS62UL-2SB Satin Black 6'2" 2 2-6lb. 1/32-3/16oz. 0.354 4.5 F UL 1.0oz. Ultra Light Trout and Panfish
REVS68UL-2SB Satin Black 6'8" 2 2-6lb. 1/32-3/16oz. 0.370 4.5 F UL 1.2oz. Ultra Light Trout and Panfish
REVS68ML-2SB Satin Black 6'8" 2 6-12lb. 1/8-3/8oz. 0.439 4.5 F ML 1.7oz. All purpose Walleye and smallmouth Bass
REVS68M-2SB Satin Black 6'8" 2 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.453 5.0 F M 1.0oz. All purpose Bass spinning
REVS72UL-2SB Satin Black 7'2" 2 2-6lb. 1/32-3/16oz. 0.390 4.5 F UL 1.4oz. Ultra Light Trout and Panfish
REVS72ML-2SB Satin Black 7'2" 2 6-12lb. 1/8-3/8oz. 0.441 5.0 F ML 1.9oz. All purpose Walleye and smallmouth Bass
REVS72M-2SB Satin Black 7'2" 2 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.463 5.5 F M 2.4oz. All purpose Bass spinning
REVS72MH-2SB Satin Black 7'2" 2 10-17lb. 5/16-3/4oz. 0.476 5.5 F MH 2.7oz. Pike / Largemouth Bass
REVS76ML-2SB Satin Black 7'6" 2 6-12lb. 1/8-3/8oz. 0.445 5.0 F ML 1.0oz. Walleye rigging and slip bobber rod
REVS90L-2SB Satin Black 9'0" 2 4-10lb. 1/16-1/4oz. 0.402 5.0 MOD-F L 2.1oz. Float and Fly rod / Panfish