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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Bass, Telescopic Rod Blanks

The REVELATION series of rod blanks is the result of over 18 months of intense research and development work. Every model in this groundbreaking series is crafted with RX7 Toray graphite and a host of additional proprietary features that are unrivaled at this price-point. The result? A light and sensitive blank that is stronger than any previously designed model built using these materials.

Recent tournament regulation changes allow the use of rods over 8’ in competition. Jaguar Design went right to work on six new blank models that cover a wide range of bass fishing applications. Our engineers decided on using the telescopic format to allow the longer rods to fit in lockers that are 8’ and shorter. The longer telescopic lengths also add casting distance, allowing the angler to cover more water. Revelation telescopic blanks are perfect for drop shot fishing, crankbaits, big swim baits and punching 1 oz. jigs.

RX7 Graphite
1+ Telescopic to fit in 8-foot locker
Dynamic Modulus Positioning
Innovative Resin System
Up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than competitor models
Fast and Extra Fast models
Perfect for Tournament Anglers
True Workhorse Designs
Finest Balance of Strength, Sensitivity, and Feather Weight
Smooth Satin Black Finish
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
REVCBT92M-SB Satin Black 9'2" 1+(tel) 8-14lb. 1/4-5/8oz. 0.540 5.0 MOD-F M 3.6oz. Med Crankbait or drop shot spinning rod
REVCBT92MH-SB Satin Black 9'2" 1+(tel) 10-20lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.583 5.5 MOD-F MH 3.8oz. MH Crankbait perfect for 1/2oz. Baits
REVCBT92H-SB Satin Black 9'2" 1+(tel) 10-25lb. 3/8-1 1/4oz. 0.600 6.0 MOD-F H 4.2oz. H Crankbait perferct for 3/4oz. Baits
REVCT98H-SB Satin Black 9'8" 1+(tel) 12-25lb. 3/8-1 1/4oz. 0.677 7.0 F H 5.9oz. Heavy flippin, Pitchin and frog fishing
REVCBT98XH-SB Satin Black 9'8" 1+(tel) 15-30lb. 1/2-2oz. 0.640 6.5 MOD-F XH 5.1oz. XH Crankbait,10XD, Manns DL30, Etc.
REVSBT98H-SB Satin Black 9'8" 1+(tel) 25-45lb. 3-8oz. 0.772 8.0 MOD-F H 7.8oz. All purpose swimbait rod