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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Saltwater, Multipurpose

The RX4 rugged graphite series comes complete with one of the very best salmon mooching/trolling series on the market. The series includes our house brand “Bullet Proof”, commonly referred to as our BP blanks. These BP rod blanks have every length and lure/line weight that you will need for catching that derby winner. The saltwater multipurpose SWS blanks have a wide variety of actions and uses, a must in every saltwater bound boat. We fuse a unique blend of RX4 Toray graphite and E-Glass composite in a matrix with a strong, high-impact resin system to create our RX4 blanks. This material offers anglers durable, yet sensitive fishing, along with impressive strength to handle more rugged situations. RX4 is perfect for anglers who fish under the harshest conditions and favor durability over precise feel. Not only will these blanks get the job done, they deliver the prize.

• RX4 Graphite Matrix
• Light Weight
• Relentless Strength
• Perfect for Downrigger Blanks and Specialized Saltwater Rods
• Stealth Matte Clear Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re currently re-working our rod blueprints, for the time being please go to our Guidespacing.com site for blueprints.

Casting Blueprints:
– SWS70L
– SWS70M

Spinning Blueprints:
– SWS70L
– SWS70M

* Disclaimer, since all rod blanks are handmade there can be minor variations in size of the blanks.

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
SWS70L Matte Gray 7'0" 1 12-20lb. 1/2-2 1/2oz. 0.640 5.5 M L 3.0oz. SW inshore multipurpose
SWS70M Matte Gray 7'0" 1 15-25lb. 3/4-3oz. 0.640 6.0 M M 3.7oz. SW inshore multipurpose
SWS70MH Matte Gray 7'0" 1 15-30lb. 1-4oz. 0.690 7.0 M MH 4.5oz. SW inshore multipurpose
SWS696 Matte Gray 7'10" 1 20-40lb. 1-4oz. 0.905 7.5 MOD-F H 6.5oz. Sw jig/Pier rod/Tarpon/Cobia