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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand
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Salmon/Steelhead, Casting/Spinning

The staff at RainShadow is considered some of the finest salmon/steelhead anglers; demanding the finest rod blanks in the Pacific Northwest and other high profile regions. Having both Salmon and Steelhead rivers in our back yard allows our team to engineer even the most challenging needs. This is what we do. RX8 Salmon/Steelhead blanks are manufactured using proprietary blends of RX8 Toray and other premium graphite. Every single RX8 blank is lightweight, sensitive, and strong to take your experience to the next level. You will not find a better, more in-depth lineup of blanks. From pulling plugs to throwing spinners, these blanks are custom-tuned with precise specifications and actions that make them accurate when chasing fresh chrome. No matter where you fish for Salmon/Steelhead, build your next uncompromising rod with an RX8 blank from RainShadow.

Review of the XST1383F from Float Fishing Connection
“…I was able to bank the fish with great efficiency and fully understand the dynamics of Batson’s proprietary blend of RX8 and RX7 graphite.  Fast, but light in the tip and all business from the mid to the butt section of the blank.  Impressive!”

Review of RX8 XST1143F from Michigan-Sportsman
“After fishing these rods the past weekend, I can say without a doubt, these are the nicest blanks I have ever used, I like them better than any GLX or any other high end rod I have ever used, period. The Alps guides that were suggested by Batson are way better than the Fuji Ti SIC guides I have always used religiously in the past. By far the nicest guides I have ever used.”

• RX8 Graphite Blend
• Innovative Resin System
• Unprecedented Selection Of High End Salmon/Steelhead Models
• Actions Developed by a Former Alaska and Olympic Peninsula Salmon Fisherman
• Our Lightest and Most Sensitive Salmon/ Steelhead Models
• Beautiful Titanium Chrome Finish
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re currently re-working our rod blueprints, for the time being please go to our Guidespacing.com site for blueprints.

Casting Blueprints:
– XST1143F
– XST1144F
– XST1263F
– XST1264F

Spinning Blueprints:
– XST1025F
– XST1142F
– XST1143F
– XST1144F
– XST1263F
– XST1382F
– XST1383F
– XST1562F

Center Pin Blueprint:
– XST1382
– XST1383
– XST1562

Spiral Wrap Blueprint:
– XBB964

* Disclaimer, since all rod blanks are handmade there can be minor variations in size of the blanks.

Model Color Length Pcs Line Lure Butt TipTop Action Power Weight Application
XBB964 Titanium Chrome 8'0" 1 12-25lb. 1-6oz. 0.580 6.0 F XH 3.3oz. Back bouncing rod - *(B. Bouncing Only)
XST1082F Titanium Chrome 9'0" 2 6-10lb. 1/4-1/2oz. .390 4.5 MOD-F ML 1.9oz. Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter
XST1085F Titanium Chrome 9'0" 2 10-17lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.505 5.5 F MH 2.6oz. Medium heavy drifter/ 1/2-3/4oz. side drifter
XST1142F Titanium Chrome 9'6" 2 6-10lb. 1/4-1/2oz. .445 4 MOD-F ML 2.1oz. Light boon dogger/Side drifter/Light floats
XST1143F Titanium Chrome 9'6" 2 6-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.500 4.5 F M 2.4oz. Medium light boon dogger/Side drifter/Medium light floats
XST1263F Titanium Chrome 10'6" 2 6-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.580 4.5 F M 2.8oz. Medium light slide float rod
XST1264F Titanium Chrome 10'6" 2 10-17lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.570 5.0 F MH 3.3oz. Medium Heavy Float rod
XST1324F Titanium Chrome 11'0" 2 10-17lb. 3/8-1oz. 0.593 5.0 F MH 3.5oz. Medium Heavy Float rod
XST1382F Titanium Chrome 11'6" 2 6-10lb. 1/4-1/2oz. 0.423 4.5 MOD-F ML 3.4oz. Medium Light Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1383F Titanium Chrome 11'6" 2 6-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.424 5.0 F M 3.6oz. Medium Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1562F Titanium Chrome 13'0" 2 6-10lb. 1/4-1/2oz. 0.475 5.0 MOD-F ML 3.3oz. Medium Light Centerpin Rod/Float Rod
XST1563-4 Titanium Chrome 13'0" 4 6-12lb. 3/8-3/4oz. 0.531 4.5 F M 3.5oz. Medium Centerpin Rod/Float Rod