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RainShadow Fishing Rod Blanks is a Batson Enterprises brand

Why Rainshadow

Rainshadow Rod Blanks

Innovation with quality craftsmanship and durability are the building blocks of every RainShadow blank. As a premier visionary of rod blanks for all applications, we use the most refined design and manufacturing processes and the finest hand-picked materials available today. Any brand is only as good as its team members. Our Jaguar Design team is comprised of some of the finest designers and engineers in the rod building world. Every one of our blanks is meticulously engineered, crafted and tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Consider a bass rod blank, in order for it to be released into the marketplace, it must successfully perform a number of highly technical cast tests. How does it cast with the correct line and lure rating? Now consider a float rod for steelhead fishing. Does it allow the proper line control? Does it cast with a float correctly? Does it have the correct amount of power to control the fish during the fight without breaking the line? Bottom line, it takes a combination of experience in both fishing and rod building, along with the proper application of modern materials and techniques, to create the best rod blanks. Jaguar Design brings this quality directly to your hands with RainShadow rod blanks.

RainShadow rod blanks are made with first-class “fishability” in mind. Our products incorporate a multitude of technologies that make them some of the lightest, most sensitive and well-rounded blanks on the market. Regardless of the model you choose, you’ll be impressed with your experience. With a wide variety available, our team can help you find the perfect blank for your specific application.

RainShadow blanks are not just hollow pieces of composite; they are embraced with layers of technology that make them the best blanks on the market. These high-tech components are incorporated into every RainShadow blank to bring you the best blank for your fishing experience.



From proprietary NCT, giving more strength and durability, to our exclusive HDSC technology, layering your rod blank for the maximum strength and flexibility. Jaguar Design brings you the most advanced rod blanks for your dollar in the industry.

Review all the technologies to see what’s involved with evert blank we sell. Trust that high performance and durability are at the forefront of all RainShadow blank designs.


RX9 logo

As our flagship offering, this graphite material represents the pinnacle of RainShadow technology. Utilizing proprietary ultra-high modulus Toray carbon fiber, we combine this with our branded resin system and design. The result is the lightest, strongest and most sensitive material used in all the blanks we offer.



A top-shelf performing material comprised of ultra-high modulus Toray fibers, a super lightweight scrim and an optimized resin content. All of this translates into outstanding blanks that are feather light, brutally strong and offer heightened sensitivity.



A no-compromises graphite material consisting of intermediate modulus that is based on one of the finest carbon fibers Toray has ever produced. RX7 is wildly popular and versatile as it hits a sweet spot of performance, power and value that will impress the most seasoned angler.



A workhorse standard modulus material that has been revised recently with enhanced fiber design and improved resin systems. Like other materials sitting above the RX6 graphite series, these are also based on some of the best fibers Toray has to offer. RX6 graphite is ideal for tournament rods as they can detect the lightest bites and withstand the abuse of competitive anglers.



A proprietary graphite and fiberglass matrix that is used in conjunction with a high impact resin system. This has proven to be one of our most reliable materials and is used to design our toughest blanks. RX4 provides durability that is on par with fiberglass yet maintains some of the sensitivity characteristics of graphite.



A virtually indestructible fiberglass material that is extremely popular in heavy-duty applications. E-Glass is commonly used when strength and dependability are paramount.



Solid fiberglass material for unrivaled strength and durability. Solidglass is the perfect material for building a heavy-duty rod that is extremely cost-effective. The solid design allows for grinding a custom taper that is not possible with a traditional tubular design.




This proprietary omnidirectional technology increases blank strength up to 30% over traditional resin systems. NCT makes for a strong, extremely crisp blank while shaving off any unnecessary weight.



Resin systems are the binding agents used in prepreg. Determining the correct resin content is critical to a quality blank, and we optimize the amount for each model series we offer.



Exclusively by Jaguar Design, HDSC is incorporated into a blank to improve strength while trimming excess weight. This precision design concept allows us to greatly reduce the width of a rod blank. The end result is a sensitive, strong, streamlined rod.



During the blank design process, we often blend different materials to achieve predetermined performance goals. UHMR is only used in our highest performance ETERNITY² and IMMORTAL blank designs and allows our engineers to add stiffness without extra bulk.



This proprietary reinforcement process is used exclusively in our REVELATION and RX7 models. Thanks to HMR, our engineering team is able to add stiffness while keeping these blanks surprisingly light in hand.



All rod blanks need to be carefully and correctly cured during the manufacturing process. We bake all of our RainShadow blanks in computer-controlled ovens which ensures the resin systems are cured correctly.



The Jaguar Design team has spent countless months developing the correct composite patterns to optimize the wall thickness of each blank. Rods tuned with OWT are individually enhanced for the best possible performance.



We carefully position material along a rod blank depending on the type of material as well as the modulus rating. This achieves the perfect balance of light weight, strength, and sensitivity.



After a blank pattern has been rolled onto the mandrel, tape is then pressure wrapped around it. To say this is an important part of the blank building process would be an understatement. We tape our blanks using the finest devices available to allow for optimal compaction of the pattern to the mandrel.



The proprietary VDB technology found on our RX6/E-GLASS and RX4 graphite blend rod blanks, combines the strength of fiberglass with the light weight and sensitivity of graphite. Blanks using this blend are incredibly strong but still maintain a comfortable weight not found in competing offerings.



Found only in our fly and conventional multi-piece blanks, SSF maintains a true bend profile by eliminating the flat spot(s) commonly seen at the ferrule. This means you’ll experience enhanced casting performance and dramatically increased strength at the rod connection.



Like any good recipe, varying amounts of ingredients will yield different results. When designing the vast majority of our blanks, a precision blend of graphite and fiberglass types must be used to achieve the desired result. Jaguar Design uses only the world’s finest materials from top manufacturers like Toray, all of which are formulated to our own proprietary specifications using custom resin systems.

The right design pattern processes are equally critical material selection. We stay on top of all design pattern aspects to maintain an uncompromising standard of quality not found in any other blanks. Pattern cutting, mandrel prepping, material handling, factory cleanliness and climate control are all evaluated and managed by Jaguar Design. Even though each RainShadow model requires different materials and processing, all our products benefit from the same levels of care and engineering.



Prepreg is the foundation for every single blank we design. Comprised of carbon fiber and a scrim/resin system, prepreg forms a cloth that can be cut into different shapes and customized proprietary patterns. We reference “proprietary materials” often as much care and effort goes into selecting the specific components and content that are used to create the building blocks of our rod blanks.


Different materials require different adhesive types, different dry times and varying amounts of adhesive. This holds true for rod blank resin systems. Resin system selection is crucial as the blank will fail if any one of these elements is done incorrectly.

All our rod blank offerings are comprised of their own custom optimized resin system. Generally, the resin is epoxy-based and must be cured to ensure the best results. The resin is permeated in the prepreg system that we previously discussed and is a critical component of the blank material. All our resin systems have been formulated by our veteran engineering team, incorporating certain advancements like nanotechnology. This allows us to constantly push the envelope and give our customers the latest in cutting-edge blank designs.



The engineers at Jaguar Design are future thinkers of the latest technologies available. We are in constant search for new and innovative ways to design and build better rod blanks. There is no “one right way” to build every rod blank. In the last few years there has been improvements made in resin systems specifically with incorporating nano technology. 


Nano particles are measured in nanometers and one nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter.  For visual aid reference, the mason jars shown are filled with sugar, BBs, marbles, and golf balls. This shows the difference of sizes in molecules and “air space” between each molecule. The sugar particles look small, but are really very large compared to Nano particles. The smaller they can be made, THE BETTER THEY WILL BOND OMNIDIRECTIONALLY. This means a stronger resin, which translates into stronger rod blanks.


Engineers have been able to develop resin systems that have broken down the molecular structure to incredibly small sizes. Nano technology allows Jaguar Design to manipulate this very small matter, thus enabling them to create blanks with a much tighter and stronger bond. Ultimately, with this technology at our disposal, the Jaguar Design team for RainShadow is able to develop blanks that go far beyond the average rod blank.


When selecting a blank from our catalog you will notice the application information in the right-hand column of each blank’s listing. Our application suggestions are intended to represent a blank’s most popular and/or largest volume uses and do not by any means disqualify a blank from being used for other fishing applications.

Blanks are defined by their power, action, material type and material configuration. The combination of these characteristics that make a blank perfect for one use may also make it a great choice for others. For example, an RCKJB700-325-TC is a popular knife jigging blank in Florida. This happens also to be a favorite halibut blank in the northwestern states. The RDR series of RX6/E Glass hybrid blanks are listed as downrigger and trolling specific but also make phenomenal crank bait rods. The simple fact is that with over 500 blank models to choose from, the range of fishing applications we can cover is virtually endless.

Luckily the Batson Team is only a click or phone call away. We’re always glad to provide blank suggestions that will make your next custom rod build a success. If you need component suggestions or guide spacing for your blank we’ve got that covered too. We’ve compiled hundreds of rod recipes for RainShadow blanks which include a list of suggested components, guide sizes and guide spacing. Many of these can be accessed by visiting www.rainshadowrodblanks.com, www.guidespacing.com or by emailing a request to [email protected] We want you to benefit from our collective experience and we look forward to helping you create amazing fishing rods.


RainShadow Power Action Table

Rod power is an important factor when choosing your next build. From ULTRA LIGHT to XXXX-HEAVY, there are ten different powers to choose from. Take for instance bass blanks. If you are drop shot fishing, a rod blank in the 6-14lb line rating range would meet your needs, and is rated at a medium power. If you are frog/slop fishing, you would want a blank in the 12-25lb line rating range, a heavy power. Match the power of the blank to the fishing application that meets your needs.


RainShadow rod blank actions range from SLOW to EXTRA FAST. Each action is designed with a specific fishing application in mind. Understanding the action or flex of a blank is crucial when choosing a blank for your perfect rod build. If the blank flexes only at the tip, it would be an EXTRA FAST action. If the bend in the blank is more parabolic, like a rainbow, the action is SLOW. The progressive action in the regulation trolling blanks compares to a moderate action blank. Be sure to refer to the table shown so you can correctly match your fishing technique to the blank that will suit you best.


Jaguar Design is our professional design and engineering team. They bring life to the cutting-edge ideas that become the most well-respected products in the industry. Jaguar team members are avid anglers with a passion for creating products that they would use personally. Their expertise, both on and off the water, is a testament to our success.

Jaguar-inspired rod blanks and components are developed using the latest evolution of modern materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. We use SolidWorks engineering and modeling software throughout the product development process to stay at the forefront of design technology. Real-world application testing is also incorporated into developing some of the finest fishing products in the world. Through this process, Jaguar Design will continue to support the fishing industry with superior, ground-breaking products.